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A Bright Spot for the Auto Industry

Customers are already flocking to the 5-day-old federally funded program “Cash-For-Clunkers,” according to the Detroit Free-Press and the New York Daily News. The $1 billion initiative gives consumers a $3,500 or $4,500 discount for swapping old gas guzzlers to purchase or lease new fuel efficient cars. The hope is that consumers will spend the money they’re saving on gas to stimulate the economy. It will be interesting to see if the streak continues. In Google Trends, variations of “Cash for Clunkers” climbed to the top of this week’s “hottest searches” list.


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The Sino-expert didn’t suggest our President Obama to quote Karl Marx but Mencius. I hope the Chinese comrades have the courage to get rid of the “Goat skin” of Communism and further walk out the shadow of Deng Xiaoping. Sino-expert of America can learn something from Mencius. Chinese surely can learn from him too and change the modern China to a positive rising China.