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Will Virtual Machines Erase the Work-Life Divide?

A technology company is working to bring virtual machines to your smartphone. In other words, your phone will simulate the software your company runs, so you can work from anywhere. 

What’s the Latest Development?

The technology company VMware wants to bring your office to you by taking advantage of the ubiquity of smartphones. The company that got its name for creating virtual servers now wants to bring a virtual operating system to your phone. The system will work like a bubble that separates and protects all the business you do on your mobile device from all the personal fun you have with it. The technical obstacles to realizing this vision are not insignificant given the limited processing power, memory and battery life of smartphones. 

What’s the Big Idea?

VMware’s idea, to bring your company’s computer system to your phone, come to terms with the BYOD trend. Meaning Bring Your Own Device, employees are increasingly conducting business on their smartphones or tablet computers without those devices being sanctioned by a company’s IT department. It some cases, it represents a security risk to companies to have their data are stored on private phones. More generally, mobile technology is erasing the work-life divide. Given modern communication technology, do you think its still possible to keep work and life apart? 

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