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Surprising Science

Why You Don’t Need Exercise to Control Weight

Research reveals a relationship between intellectual and cultural hobbies and weight control. Activities such as reading and going to see an art exhibit can help to keep off excess pounds. 

Article written by guest writer Rin Mitchell

What’s the Latest Development? 

Participation in leisure activities such as reading a book, attending cultural events and socializing with friends play an active role in weight management. According to a study conducted by the International Social Survey Program (ISSP), people from 17 nations—mainly in Europe—were asked about body weight, height and hobbies. The scale measures in ideas, art and knowledge, by surveying the amount of time allotted surfing the internet, listening to music and hanging with friends. Activities that would otherwise be viewed as inactive or unproductive are almost as beneficial as exercise with a lower body-mass index, or BMI (a measure of weight relative to height). However, different activities deliver different results in terms of body weight. Both reading and watching TV are essential in burning few calories, although one will result in a higher body weight and the other a lower body weight.  

What’s the Big Idea? 

Weight control can be achieved by no-sweat activities that have intellectual and emotional load. It all depends on the goal. If it is to drop some noticeable weight, then the gym will probably be the best place to go. But for a slim figure—catching up on a favorite blog or shopping with friends will equally count towards keeping off excess pounds. 


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