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What It’s Like to Travel Through a Wormhole

Animation from astrophysicists at the University of Colorado at Boulder demonstrates what travelling through a rift in space-time would look like as you free fall into a black hole. 

What’s the Latest Development?

An American astrophysicist has designed animation that demonstrates what a voyage through a wormhole would look like. Professor Andrew Hamilton from the University of Colorado at Boulder presents the amazing visuals that would occur as you free fall through the outer horizon of a black hole. “Once you reach its inner horizon, you see an infinitely-energetic flash of light from the outside world containing an image of the entire history of the universe.” We’re assuming you have the superpowers to survive the trip, which would vaporize any normal human. 

What’s the Big Idea?

The rifts in space-time called wormholes could theoretically propel you to Pluto in an instant, or to an entirely different galaxy. Your journey through a wormhole would end a white hole, which is “a time-reversed version of a black hole”. “Instead of falling inward, space falls outwards at a speed faster than light.  Soon you experience another flash of radiation, this time containing a picture of the entire future of the universe.” For now, the video (after the jump) is the closest you’ll get to a wormhole, unless new theories of gravity prove true…

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