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The Fabric of Spacetime

Have you ever wondered what the fabric of spacetime is made of? I have. It seems most elusive to scientists. Honestly, from what I can tell, no one has really tried to answer the question (or ask it). So here I am, a science buff and professional layperson, calling scientists out. This is an important question!

Ask a string theorist how matter behaves on its most fundamental level, and they will have an answer for you. Ask a cosmologist how a black hole forms, and they will have an answer. But the fact is that both treat their phenomena as occuring ON TOP OF the fabric of spacetime (FOST). As if matter were some sort of extra layer that in no way depends on the FOST for it’s existence. This simply cannot be true. Let us perform a paradigm shift. Ready?

I believe that the fabric of spacetime is made up of the Bose-Einstein condensate. That is, the FOST is made up of the same baryonic matter as you and I.

Let’s examine this idea. What is the Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC)? I would like to recommend this as the dossier to the BEC.

Let us now tie everything together. The temperature in interstellar space is certainly cold enough to be a BEC, but isn’t it that cold because matter is extremely diffuse there? No. Remember the BEC has properties akin to a wave, not a particle. There is ALOT of matter in interstellar space. However, it is the case that the wave functions have not decohered because there is no one there to perform a quantum measurement on it. If only we could hang out in the interstellar medium with scanning electron microscopes! Then we would see how densely packed with matter it really is! Perhaps, I will leave it at that and let your imagination take over.

It has not escaped my notice that this resolves the mutual exclusivity of quantum mechanics and general relativity, and is thus a “theory of everything”. This conclusion may also lend itself to the problem of dark matter and dark energy, which are certainly illusory concepts that would do well to leave our collective consciousness. Cheers!


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