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Complete Befuddlement Seizes Me

Why should we differentiate between a blog, micro-blog, “idea”, macro-blog, and macaroni and cheese? Really, we should just say “thing”.

I am completely confused.

At the suggestion of a friend, I have come to this site expecting “big” things. But all I find is a confusing interface, an extremely convoluted nomenclature (idea and blog are used in a confusingly interchangeable way here), and really no idea whatsoever that there are other people using this website.

Even in trying to post this idea… Why would you go to a separate page to post one line of text? Sure this box can be expanded (in Safari, at least), but the default size suggests that one line is expected. If I really wanted to post a one line something, I’m going to use Twitter. I’m not going to take the time to use this to post an image, either… it’s too much work for something so insubstantial! Save yourselves some development / programming resources and just put a “link to picassa / flickr album” box.

By the way, I discovered a bug in the system. If you visit this address multiple times:, you’ll show up in their favorites list with the same frequency. I made myself appear in a user’s following list around 7 times before I stopped following to remove them all.

There’s some potential here, and although I am completely under qualified as an outsider, I am a user and have expectations that are definitely lacking here.


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