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Singapore Nightclub Installs Urinal-Based Inebriation Testing

The aptly-named Pee Analyzer sends results to an RFID card that’s given to the patron at the start of his evening in exchange for his car keys.

What’s the Latest Development?

Singapore nightclub Zouk and marketing agency DDB Group have together devised a system that will hopefully reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads: The Pee Analyzer consists of a RFID card, which the customer takes in exchange for his car keys, and a testing device installed into the club’s urinals, which reports his alcohol level both on a screen in front of him and to the card itself. If the customer is too drunk to comprehend the screen’s message — “Maybe you’ve had one too many to drive; call a cab or use our drive home service” — he will still need to hand his card back to the valet, who will run it through an RFID reader and repeat the recommendation.

What’s the Big Idea?

Over 2,100 cases of drunk driving were reported in Singapore during a recent 12-month period, and some of those resulted in fatalities. According to a promotional video, the Pee Analyzer tested over 570 drivers in two weeks, and of those, more than 340 took one of the alternative travel options offered and made it home in one piece. The testing device is designed to reset itself in order to avoid mixing up readings of multiple customers.

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