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Surprising Science

Russia Offering Space Hotel

A Russian company has revealed plans for a space hotel. It will cost $785,000 for two days on a Soyuz rocket to it and a 5-day stay will rack about up about $157,000.

What’s the Latest Development?

A Russian company has revealed plans for a space hotel accommodating seven guests in four cabins. It will take two days on board a Soyuz rocket in order to reach it. Experts warn that the firm faces real challenges before it will be able to launch the planned space station. And before you get too excited, it will cost $942,000 to visit the hotel. A five-day stay is expected to be about $157,000, plus the cost of the trip there: $785,000.

What’s the Big Idea?

Orbital Technologies’ station would be a commercial entity, not a big science project. Due to open by 2016, visitors could choose beds that are either vertical or horizontal. Showers will be sealed to stop water going where it shouldn’t and toilets will use air instead of water to flush away waste. The air will be filtered to remove smells and bacteria before being pushed back into the cabin. Food will be prepared on Earth and reheated in microwaves. Alcohol will not be allowed.


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