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Men Who Drink Tea May Have Greater Risk of Prostate Cancer

Researchers from Glasgow University say that men who drink tea could have a higher risk of prostate cancer than men who don’t drink tea. 

Article written by guest writer Rin Mitchell

What’s the Latest Development?

Based on a study that tracked the health of over 6,000 men between the ages of 21-75 for a period of 37 years, men who had consumed more than seven cups of tea per day “had a 50 percent higher risk of developing prostate cancer.” The volunteers in the study were asked about their alcohol and cigarette habits, how much coffee or tea they drank, and overall general health. In previous cases, researchers have shared information about how certain types of tea have preventative effectslike green tea; however, with just under 25 percent of the men who participated in the screening and are heavy tea drinkers6.4 percent were diagnosed with prostate cancer at a follow-up visit within the 37 years. Despite these findings, the head of research at the Prostate Cancer Charity stated that the study did not take into consideration the family history or any other dietary elements of the men. 

What’s the Big Idea?

Previous studies have indicated that teas such as black and green tea have disease preventative properties, giving tea a healthy reputation. However, a study conducted over a period of 37 years recently revealed that men who were avid tea drinkers were actually more vulnerable to prostate cancer than men who did not drink tea. So, it seems too much of a good thing really can be bad for you.


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