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Surprising Science

Liquid Nitrogen Makes Delicious Ice Cream

In this video, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez explains some of the science behind ice cream.

While making ice cream with liquid nitrogen is nothing new, it’s taking off like never before during the scorching hot summer of 2013. 

“This is the next thing in ice cream,” says the ice cream consultant (now that sounds like a fun job!) Darryl David. It’s not hard to see why. The natural element can be used to make ice cream on the spot, without any preservatives, and this technique also involves the wow effect that helps attract customers.

In this Science Xplained video, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez shows us the chemistry at work and how this technique can be safely replicated at home by using salt.

Check it out!

Dr. Ainissa Ramirez (@blkgrlphd) is a materials scientist turned science evangelist, who is passionate about getting kids of all ages excited about science. Before taking on this call, she was an associate professor of mechanical engineering & materials science at Yale University.  She has published numerous scientific articles and wrote the book Save Our Science by TED Books on how to inspire the next generation with science.  Currently, she is writing a book on the science behind football with NYT best selling author Allen St. John called Newton’s Football (Random House).


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