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Lexus RX 400h: Design/Fit and Finish Inside and out, our Lexus RX 400h exhibits the tight build quality and fine fit and finish we’ve come to expect from the “pursuit of perfection” brand, although the materials aren’t quite as nice as those found in newer models.

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Jaguar XF Supercharged Perhaps the biggest reason for Jaguar’s problems is the very thing it’s most famous for: heritage and tradition. For 30 some odd years, Jags have seemingly been designed to cater to what people think a Jag should be: Specifically, some quaint motor car that, inside and out, looks exactly like a car that came before it. They were built for the people who think of England as a nation filled with cardigan-wearing grannies sipping tea in their Nottingham cottage while spinning yarns about the war.

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Nissan Rogue SL 2WD In particular, the Rogue fits the bill for young professionals who like the idea of sitting up high, but still want something stylish and fuel-efficient. Ditto parents of one or two small children who aren’t ready to drive a stereotypical “mom mobile,” yet are attracted to the added space and sense of security an SUV provides. Lime Cars DealerSell Lime CarFind Lime CarsLime Cars DealerBuy Lime CarsSell Lime CarsBuy Lime Car


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