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Surprising Science

Life And Death In The Mogadishu E.R.

Yesterday was World Health Day, and we would be remiss to let it pass without mentioning what is perhaps the most determined team of doctors in the world, the group delivering care at Mogadishu’s Benadir University Medical College.

Shelling, patient kidnappings and gunmen-directed surgeries are just part of the daily routine in Mogadishu’s only functioning medical facility. Director-General Mohamed Yusef told IRIN News Service“I stay because I believe that I will only die when my time comes. But more importantly, I truly believe that I am needed here, and I will not be able to live with myself if I abandon those who depend on my services and the services of doctors like me.

Amazingly, Benazir graduated its first class of doctors in November of last year after an eighteen year gap. This was at the same time Al Shabab rebels were closing in on Mogadishu from the south and the frail transitional governement was struggling to provide even basic protection to citizens.


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