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iPads and the Post-PC World

When Tim Cook introduced Apple’s new iPad, spoke of the post-PC revolution. What does that world look like? Will we recognize it when it arrives? Should you stop buying computers? 

What’s the Latest Development?

When Apple introduced its newest iPad, CEO Tim Cook spoke of the post-PC revolution. That world, where tablet computers replace laptops and desktops, is well on its way. The iPad was originally thought to be a nice side business for Apple but by 2010, the device accounted for $9.15 billion in revenue. Subsequent competition, especially from Amazon’s Kindle, sped the rate at which improvements to the devices are rolled out. The financial analyst Gene Munster predicts that tablet sales will outpace PC sales by 2017. Other say sooner. 

What’s the Big Idea?

In a sense, the post-PC world is already upon us, so ubiquitous are the portable devices that now accomplish what was once the PC’s bread and butter. Apple may have glimpsed the future as early as 1997, when the company’s name changed from Apple Computers to Apple, Inc. An essential parallel to the post-PC age has been the rise of cloud computing, i.e. off-site servers that allow large swaths of data to be stored remotely, relieving our computers’ hard drives of the burden of storing the information. Here is a review of the new iPad

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