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India is a Rising Giant in the World of Nanotechnology

By 2025, one in five nanotechnology professionals will hail from India, according to a new study. Investments in personnel and infrastructure will determine the breadth of India’s presence in the industry.

What’s the Latest?

Little things are happening on the Subcontinent. Or rather, big things related to little things. 

A new study predicts 25% of the world’s nanotechnology professionals in 2025 will hail from India. The Economic Times:

India’s contribution in development and application of nanotechnology is expected to increase significantly due to growing investments, strong funding and increasing government initiatives to encourage growth in nanotechnology market.

India is set to produce approximately 500,000 nanotechnology professionals in the years between 2015 and 2025.

What’s the Big Idea?

As India transitions into a middle-class nation, its 1.2 billion citizens are expected to take major steps forward in the areas of art and science. According to the Assocham-TechSci Research joint study, Indian nano-scientists currently outrank their French, British, Brazilian, and Taiwanese counterparts in the realm of research publication. While the study cites a number of challenges to India’s potential to reach its nanotechnology ceiling (notably infrastructure and brain drain), government investment in the industry is expected to propel the nation forward. 

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