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healthcare fix

model a grassroots health system based on the convenience of the fast-food system. Address all problems of all visitors to convenient clinics, starting with the most basic checks and assessments. Let unsolved health issues go up the ladder to the more comprehensive and expensive care. I hope the big boys can hear me. Thanks, John Lee

Health care needs to address all the people.  Convenience is the Key.  Convenience is achieved with a system similar to the fast-food industry approach of placing access sites in numerous and well spaced positions.  Price is kept down by using quick screening and assessment tools.  This could even include drive-up menus the patient could verbalize needs in before entering facility.  As patients are screened, only the level of care professional needed is used.  If the problem is not resolved with initial efforts the patient can be advanced to the higher care professional or even immediately sent ot a next step facility.  Large volumes of people are seen this way at relatively low costs.  health care records are established and the cheaper care allows more frequent visits and better continuity of care.

Compared to calling a doctor’s office and waiting two weeks to see the doctor this is a vast improvement.  Most people that call their doctor do so for a reason, for something that they want addressed at that time, not later.  Their option, when advised of a two week wait, is often the ER, which is notoriously a poor choice for most situations given the cost, the massive resources that are tied up and the cumbersome mix of emergency and low priority problems.

Grass roots, convenience, preventative care, continuity…this approach is a massive improvement of resource use and fair application of health care.  I hope the big boys will listen, and I hope this thing works.  Thanks, John Lee


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