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First, Slow Food. Now, Slow Money.

Out of the Slow Food movement, which eschews convenience-oriented fast foods, comes Slow Money: A market-based approach to improving the economy through local investment.

What’s the Latest Development?

Out of the Slow Food movement has come Slow Money but what is it exactly? Just as Slow Food eschews convenience-oriented fast foods in favor of traditional, unprocessed and local products, Slow Money is dedicated to connecting investors with their local economy “by marshaling financial resources to invest in small food enterprises and local food systems.” While promoting his book on the subject, Woody Tasch has attracted millions of dollars from thousands of investors in the American southwest.

What’s the Big Idea?

Slow Money is a market-based solution which seeks nothing less than to overhaul the way we relate to our world through money. “Instead of venture capital bankrolling far flung high tech start-ups, Tasch hopes to see ‘nurture capital’ funding local merchants and producers who, in turn, plug half of their profits back into their communities, ensuring one small local virtuous circle that values soil fertility, carrying capacity, a sense of place, care of the commons, diversity…and economic health as much as financial return.”

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