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CISCO Actually a Role Model

CISCO is attracting flak for its strategy and layoffs but could this criticism be misplaced? Here are three reasons why it’s a model for other American companies.

What’s the Latest Development?

In the last few days, CISCO (CSCO) has attracted criticism over its strategy and layoffs (around 6,500). What if the criticism is misplaced? Haydn Shaughnessy argues that it is. He gives three reasons why CISCO should actually be seen as a model for the American economy.

What’s the Big Idea?

Shaughnessy says that that  innovative companies are often quasi-monopolist but in CISCO’s case that monopoly power is over. We need to learn from how it responds because many American companies are going to feel the same heat. “We too are culturally limited in how we assess the transition from monopolist to competitor.” “CISCO is a model for what happens in a period of deep structural economic change.”


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