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Surprising Science

Cardiac assist device

Using trans epidermal nervous stimulation by way of an elastic sleeve and computer it is possible to create a peristaltic wave in the skeletal muscles. This, along with the valves in veins would assist the heart. Seen as effective for assist after auto collision when chest damage precludes traditional CPR..or possibly PAD

The idea would be a lattice of connections and sensors with discrete firing of random points. This followed by computer analysis of physical response of individual and mapping of their musculature. Finally the pre-programmed peristaltic motion would be simulated.

ANY first responder could easily apply these sleeves to each limb and click go. Not researcehd but certainly an help…perhaps enough to delay brain damage …and the hardware is so very very cheap!


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I have often thought that monetary gain should not be a part of collective bargaining. When people sign on they have a wage set…. after that some COLA clause based on gov’t numbers should be enough. By eliminating the simplistic “we want more cash in our pocket” target, more important issues might get the attention they deserve.