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Surprising Science

Bill Nye, the Crusading Visionary Guy

Bill Nye’s viral Big Think video continues to spread the thoughts of an inspirational man.

Today, The New York Times Science Times section published an article, “Firebrand for Science, and Big Man on Campus“, about the career development of Bill Nye (aka, The Science Guy) from a beloved children’s entertainer to a zealous advocate for science.

As the Times article notes, this change comes after a Big Think video of the eminently nice edu-tainer went viral. In the video, Nye says in no uncertain terms that teaching creationism and denying global warming are factually and morally wrong.

As of now, the video has almost five and a half million hits. You can watch it in the link above or read more about it here.

The takeaway in the Times article is that the change from children’s entertainer to “firebrand for science” is not really a change at all.

Bill Nye, past present and future, just wants us to see the world as he does, accurately and honestly. He advocates science and subverts untruth because he, like his mentor Carl Sagan, knows that the world is beautiful and fascinating just as it is.

We at Big Think are proud and honored to be able to play a part in that.


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