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AI Creates Its Own Video Game

Artificial intelligence engineered by computer scientists at Imperial College London can create entirely new video games practically from scratch. The achievement is a milestone in AI technology. 

What’s the Latest Development?

Computer scientists at Imperial College London have engineered artificial intelligence that can create entirely new video games without the assistance of humans. Using a technique known as cooperative co-evolution, the AI known as Angelina has created a game called Space Station Invaders in which the levels were created “by randomly selecting from a list, then scattering enemies and power-ups throughout the level.” It then simulates a human playing the game to determine which designs produce the most fun and interesting results. 

What’s the Big Idea?

While the computer scientists had to add in some rudimentary graphics and sound effects, the games Angelina is capable of creating would easily match the quality of those played by millions on Facebook and on smartphones. In principle, nothing would stop a game designer from cranking out a new game every twelve hours with Angelina, then bringing it to the App Store for sale. But the scientists say the technology works better as a collaborative tool for programmers than as a replacement for human workers. Follow the jump to play Angelina’s game!

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