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Surprising Science

A New Value System

Government payouts, insurance, and great money chase are ruining health care – is there another way?

The practice of medicine might need to be redefined. What health care do we really need to improve upon?

I believe that a better diet, exercise, and a focus on causation versus treatment of symptoms should become a focus. 

Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and use of prescription drugs that treat symptoms without alleviating the cause are the primary reasons why, in my opinion our healthcare costs are soaring.

McDonald’s sales are $70 billion annually, the next closest restaurant has sales of 20% of that. In a nation of 350 million people that translates into $200 a year for each of us for food purchased at McDonalds. How is the optimal mix of nutrients and chemicals provided in our diets from the foods we buy at McDonalds? 

How is excercise promoted in the US? How many people get 20-40 minutes of daily physical exercise?

What really causes the most common problems of our society – heart disease, depression, and high blood pressure? Are the prime causes lack of exercise, poor diet, and a lack of the basic nutrients and chemicals in our bodies to promote health?

Delivering healthcare has become a huge industry — i.e. money drives the direction of our services and efforts. Doctors are paid by pharmaceutical companies that develop more and more sophisticated medicines to address the symptoms caused by fundamental problems.  

Wouldn’t promoting better diet, nutrition, exercise, and perhaps even examining how human interaction improves health be more effective?

Stress, caused by economic struggle, is the most basic ingredient that leads to bad behavior that bring about bad health. How can we reduce this cause of bad health? How can se treat the adrenal and thyroidal changes caused by stress to improve our health? 


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