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Surprising Science

A Haiku for Every Element in the Periodic Table

Poetry for the science-minded.

Sometimes, when science and art get together, the results can be just plain-old delightful. Here’s one such case: Elemental Haiku.


The folks at Science have invited people to tweet a haiku for each element in the periodic table. If you’d like to submit one, use the hashtag #ChemHaiku. Or feel free to hover over (desktop) or tap (mobile device) an element to see its current haiku.

They range from cosmic hydrogen (H):

Your single proton

Fundamental, essential.

Water. Life. star fuel.

To the inspirational Argon (Ar):

They named you lazy,

But it takes great strength to resist.

To stand by. To shield.

To the heartfelt longing of potassium (K):

Leftmost seat, fourth row

Yearning for the halogens

On the other side.

To the caustic, snooty carbon (C):

Show-stealing diva,

Throw yourself at anyone.

Decked out in diamonds.

To the hilarious poser Yytrium (Y):

That is not a name.

That is a spelling error.

Or a Scrabble bluff.

Go and have some fun

Click and tap, amuse yourself.

Tweet one of your own.


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