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Strange Maps

282 – A Cheese Map of Canada

The title of Daniel Mansfield’s email was ‘Cheese Map of Canada’, so I immediately thought it would be a variation on the bread map of France (described earlier on this blog as #94).

But the culinary component of his cartography is in its substance rather than its subject. In that manner, it is more reminiscent of ‘Jamerica’ (#268).

As Mr Mansfield himself relates: “I was eating lunch one day with my girlfriend and was eating slices from a block of marble cheese. I was eating a piece of cheese when I noticed that one piece that I had cut, after taking a bite, looked like one of the Canadian provinces (Alberta or Saskatchewan, they’re mostly rectangular anyways).”

“We were close to the end of the block, so I decided to save that piece of cheese and carve the rest of the block into individual provinces with a butter knife. I arranged them into their proper geographic locations and took (this) picture.”


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