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Starts With A Bang

Vacation time for Starts With A Bang!

Everyone in the Universe needs a break sometimes.

They say that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, and with very few exceptions, I’ve been working hard enough to deliver six new articles to you a week for many years now.

So now that I’ve left all my other endeavors behind and am focusing on science communication full-time now — including writing books, doing podcasts, and working to construct a video studio among other endeavors — it’s time to take a breather, decompress, and to spend time with my loved ones. Hopefully, that will mean I can come back full of energy to take on the things that are important in my work-life.

So for the first time, I’ll be headed up to the “last frontier” and will visit Alaska! I’ve never seen any part of the largest state in the USA, but will be gone for a week to go explore it, on land and at sea. I’m not much of a shutterbug, but I expect it will be a trip unlike anything else.

I’ll be back in a week — on June 7th — and you can enjoy all the Starts With A Bang you’re accustomed to after a one-week hiatus then. In the meantime, it’s a great reminder, from me to you, that we all need a break every once in a while. We are more than the sum of what we produce. We are people, too.

Ethan Siegel is the author of Beyond the Galaxy and Treknology. You can pre-order his third book, currently in development: the Encyclopaedia Cosmologica.


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