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Starts With A Bang

The Universe: Still Full Of Awesome

Have you been enjoying learning about the Universe? There’s always so much to cover that we’re never going to run out of stories to tell, new discoveries to report on, and new possibilities for what’s happening. In addition to some amazing stories in our Starts With A Bang Medium publication, like seeing the recent lunar eclipse from a dark sky,

the connection between inflation and dark energy,

and the mystery that the expected gravitational waves from merging supermassive black holes aren’t there,

There are three exciting things going on that you might not have heard about!

1.) Our Patreon is a huge success! Supporters are now receiving a monthly newsletter, an advance chapter of our upcoming book, and are now helping us create podcasts for the world, with the chance to choose topics and appear on them as a special bonus! Want in? Support us here!

2.) We discovered liquid water on Mars! And I went on TV to talk about it; come watch the full video of the segment here! And finally…

3.) One of my favorite publications, Discovery News, is now on Medium! They’re a top-notch collection of great stories, so give them a follow and let’s make some wonderful things happen together!


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