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Starts With A Bang

Starts With A Bang podcast #59: Active Galaxies

They’re one of the brightest windows into our Universe’s star-forming past.

When we look out at the galaxies in the Universe, almost all of them have supermassive black holes at their centers: millions or even many billions of times more massive than our Sun is. Most of the time, these black holes are relatively quiet, but every so often, a black hole can be spotted emitting enormous amounts of radiation over a large range of the electromagnetic spectrum. These “active galaxies” come in many different flavors, from blazars to AGNs to quasars and many others, but they’re very closely tied to both the age of the Universe and how rapidly a galaxy forms stars.

There’s an awful lot that we’ve learned about these objects, and yet, still so many more mysteries to solve and uncover. This month, as the first of two podcasts, I’m so pleased to bring PhD candidate Alyssa Sokol, from the University of Massachusetts — Amherst, onto the program, as we enjoy a far-reaching conversation that takes us beyond the limits of what we know.

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