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Starts With A Bang

New Starts With A Bang Podcast Is Live!

Thanks to the generous contributions of our Patreon supporters (which includes many of you), Starts With A Bang has now been creating free-to-listen-and-download podcasts for the past six months, including our latest one on the most distant galaxy in the Universe.

In addition to bringing you all these wonderful stories ad-free on Medium, Patreon supporters get an additional monthly newsletter, exclusive early access to all podcasts, priority selection for Ask Ethan columns, and the ability to interact with me directly on the Patreon forums. Best of all, we’re almost ready to unlock the next reward in our campaign: the commissioning of the most accurate, beautiful history-of-the-Universe poster ever created!

Support our Patreon campaign today, and help me continue to bring the story of the Universe — in new and exciting ways — to the entire world!


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