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An Extra Dose Of Awesome For Starts With A Bang Followers!

Yesterday was an epic day: NASA’s Kepler mission announced the discovery of what they called “the most Earth-like planet ever,” the smallest planet ever found that orbits a Sun-like star at an Earth-like distance.

But is it truly Earth-like? Despite what almost everyone else has been reporting out there, there are many compelling reasons to believe it is not.

I want to keep bringing you stories like this; I want to keep bringing you stories like this on Medium, and I want to keep doing it pretty much every day. You can always check out all the latest (and all the archives) from Starts With A Bang for free; you won’t be disappointed.

But I need your support, and I want you to get something awesome out of it as a reward.

So I want to offer you two amazing incentives as a bonus if you do support us.

One is that my very first book is coming out (link here), and I’m so excited I want to share it with you before the general public gets a look. So for all of you who support my Patreon campaign at the $3 level or above, you’ll get to receive a free preview chapter of my book as soon as we hit the next reward tier, which we’re less than $50 away from!

Even more exciting, you get to vote on which chapter you want to see as a sneak peak.

But for those of you who want to go above and beyond — and this is an offer only open to Medium subscribers — if you donate at a special mathematical level for numbers like:

  • Pi at $3.14,
  • Tau at $6.28,
  • Avogadro’s Number at $6.02,
  • the red, Balmer Hα line at $6.56,
  • Newton’s “G” at $6.67,
  • the acceleration “g” on Earth at $9.81,
  • Planck’s constant ћ at $10.55,
  • the speed of light at $29.98,
  • or any other specific value greater than $3 that you specify,

I’ll give you a special shout-out on Twitter or in the Medium article itself every time that number comes up!

This is your Universe, too, and you deserve to have just as much a say in it as anyone else. Starts With A Bang will always be 100% free to read, and I can’t wait to share even more of the Universe with you no matter what.

Thanks for following!


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