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Ziggy Marley Says Hemp Can Save the Planet, Devotes Next Album to It

The son of the father of modern reggae rode his lion of Judah into the Big Think studio today, and it wasn’t too long after we sparked the chalice of conversation that Ziggy shared his thoughts on virtues of ganja.

On legalization, Marley said that indeed marijuana laws should be lifted, but the more important issue was cultivating a hemp-friendly society.

“This is a gift that we are neglecting to use,” he said. “In my mind, the marijuana struggle, the pot struggle is good, but the hemp struggle, that is what is gonna save the planet. This plant can do everything we need it to do.” After the interview, he confided that his next album will be devoted to the legalization of hemp.

When Marley heads back to the left coast, he will find a move toward a new dialogue on cannabis pushed by California Governor Schwarzenegger who said “it’s time for debate” at a recent wildfire prevention event.

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