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Women’s Rights – the Best Defense is a Good Offense

While embracing controversy in any form is a challenging first step, Gloria Feldt – former CEO of Planned Parenthood – argues that women need to go further. She says women need to set the agenda – becoming political thermostats rather than thermometers.

Gloria Feldt, author of No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change the Way We Think About Poweris comfortable with controversy. As president and CEO of Planned Parenthood from 1996-2005, she went up against an Arizona ballot initiative that would have outlawed all abortion in the state. 

Gloria Feldt: Our constituents were terrified. They just knew this was going to pass.  I said this will be the best thing that ever happened to us and so, to fast forward, sure enough we ended up defeating it by 67% vote.  That was the highest percentage that ever voted against a ballot initiative in the history of the state.

One of the “power tools” Feldt’s book offers women for overcoming second-class citizen status in life and work is called Embrace Controversy – the idea being that controversy is a powerful political force. If you can ride the wave of controversy and turn it to your advantage, you’ve got the momentum to effect real change. 


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