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Where Are the World’s Jobs? Latin-America.

Internships and mid-career opportunities are increasingly present in Latin-America as the region's economic growth has proven stable throughout the global recession.

What’s the Latest Development?

Young people just out of college as well as mid-career professionals are finding new opportunities in Latin-America. In many parts of the region, economic growth has proven stable despite the global economic recession. One government-sponsored program in Chile, in particular, wants to help 1,000 entrepreneurs start a new business by 2014. Stanford graduate Jeremy Melul has taken advantage of the program to create a social network that allows amateur soccer players to easily find pick-up games.

What’s the Big Idea?

Brazil, which just surpassed the UK as the world’s sixth largest economy, is booming, too. Law firms, fashion companies, banks, and government offices are looking for interns in Brazil and elsewhere. Many Spanish speakers, or those looking to try something new, are heading south when they once might have gone to Spain. Critics argue that Latin-American growth remains dominated by wealthy families who have succeeded at concentrating economic wealth in their own hands since liberalization reforms created more private industry.

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