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USA and the relationship with Latin America

Yesterday, Obama met his first stage of exchanging ideas with 34 leaders of Latin American and Caribbean (Conference in Trinidad and Tobago)

The meeting began with an address by the President of Argentina, where she called for greater understanding for the social economic problems of Latin America and the Caribbean. The other was the speech of President of Nicaragua.He recalls several anécdodas with 3 U.S. presidents and at those meetings of the new basic theme was that Obama was now the opportunity to have a better and balance     
relationship .Finalmente was the last speech the president of Belize, to close the event the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago

In a measured break with a half-century of U.S. policy toward communist Cuba, the Obama administration lifted restrictions Monday on Cuban-Americans who want to travel and send money to their island homeland.

In a further gesture of openness, U.S. telecommunications firms were freed to seek business there, too. But the broader U.S. trade embargo remained in place.

The White House portrayed its changes, which fulfilled one of President Barack Obama’s campaign promises, as a path to promoting personal freedom in one of the few remaining communist nations. They also marked another major step away from the foreign policy priorities of the Bush administration.


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