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Three Must-Watch Obama Retrospective Videos

At a 102 days and counting, we mined the Big Think archives for campaign-era Obama vids. Here’s the gold we found.

Last spring, Johns Hopkins Professor an Iran expert, Azar Nafisi contrasted how candidate McCain and candidate Obama would handle the Iran question. We’re still not out of the woods with crazy man Ahmadinejad, so we’ll have to see how Nafisi’s prediction plays out. New York Times magazine contributor James Traub saw Obama continuing in the Bush tradition of propping up failed states but foresaw a great deal more foreign policy acumen in planning American forays abroad. Sounds about right. And historian Annette-Gordon Reed, author of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings: An American Controversy, simply did not believe Obama would ever make it as far as he did as a man of color running for the nation’s highest office. Enjoy.


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