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The political system in India

The party system in India requires modifying if not changing altogether because it is the primary cause of everything that’s wrong in the governance of the country. In the U.K., Sir Paul Judge has founded an organization called The Jury Team that promotes independent candidates. Whether this could work in India or not is a moot point, given the vast difference in electorate size between India and the UK – but we certainly need to think out of the box if India is to realize its potential

The party system is behind the rot in the current political system in India.This will intensify in the coming years.

The root of the problem is the party system.

Parties need funding.In India this is far from transparent.

Much of the funding is through clientelism, with political parties leveraging their power to dispense favors for huge fees.

Force and coercion are also used to extract money.

This kind of ‘party fundraising’ that all party functionaries are required to do, corrupts those who may have joined politics with genuine ideals and aspirations.

Ultimately, these people end up serving the party and not the nation.

This system doesn’t only breed corruption, it degrades and devalues political office resulting in dangerous cynicism and contempt for those in power.This erosion of public trust can eventually lead to a breakdown of the political system, opening the doors to forces inimical to democracy.


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