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Thank You Yale University and MIT

We need to thank nationally the two universities mentioned above who are offering free on line courses.

Yale University and MIT are offering free on line courses, an unselfish act if there ever was one since they really didn’t have to do it as they are two of the most selective universities in the world. The sad thing is that most people don’t know the courses are available. President Obama and other members of his administration should mention the availability of the courses to the nation, perhaps as part of a press conference. Members of congress should also spread the word. The courses could add so much to the life of retirees, ambitions and talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds, for professional people who don’t have time to attend on campus courses. The list of potential viewers is endless. We constantly hear about how difficult and costly it is to get an education. Here is a chance for students of all ages to see what it’s like to experience a course at the highest level for free. It doesn’t get any better than that. Yale and MIT deserve a thank you. Hopefully it’s given sooner rather than latter from our leaders. 


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