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Syrian Activist Continues to Fight From Lebanon

Nearly killed escaping his native Syria for Lebanon, Rami Nakhle continues to unite activists who oppose the ruling Assad regime despite harassment and threats against this life.

What’s the Latest Development?

When Syrian political activist Rami Nakhle fled his country for fear of reprisals from the secret police, he was nearly snagged in a sting operation organized to fight smuggling operations. After spending the night in the desert scrub, he found transport to Beirut where he currently uses social media to aid the ongoing popular uprising against the Assad regime. Nakhle gets word out of Syria to the foreign press while also uniting activists within his home country who do not have access to social media.

What’s the Big Idea?

While the U.N. Security Council has condemned Syria’s repression of its own people, the Assad regime shows no real signs of letting up their attack against innocent civilians. Armed with his telephone and his computer, Nakhle navigates social media to coalesce opposition against the government while steering clear of the regime’s online informants. Despite receiving threats against his family, Nakhle soldiers on. He believes he has crossed the point of no return and, having made that choice, remains committed to liberating the Syrian people. 


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