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Retraction: “Are these 100 people killing the planet?”

A retraction regarding a May 6, 2019 article entitled "Are these 100 people killing the planet?"

Last year, Big Think incorrectly claimed that Nicholas DeIuliis was CEO of CONSOL Energy at the time via the republication of a map containing outdated information.

In a May 6, 2019 article entitled “Are these 100 people killing the planet?” and subsequent social media postings of that article, we republished a map that incorrectly identified Nicholas DeIuliis as the then current CEO of a combined coal and natural gas company, CONSOL Energy Inc., as set forth in the July 2017 CDP Carbon Majors Report upon which the map was based.

It has come to our attention that Mr. DeIuliis was not an officer, director, or employee of CONSOL Energy Inc. at the time of that article’s publication. Nor, at that time, did the entity CONSOL Energy Inc. as referenced in the CDP report, still exist, having split into two entities on November 28, 2017–CNX Resources Corporation, a natural gas exploration and production company, and CONSOL Energy Inc., a coal company. As of May 6, 2019, Mr. DeIuliis was and remains as of the date of this statement the President and CEO of CNX Resources Corporation.

We acknowledge our mistake and apologize for any inconvenience to Mr. DeIuliis.


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