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Is Israel Still Playing the US off Iran?

Recently disclosed intelligence memos tell of how Israel's intelligence agency impersonated CIA officers during the Bush administration, making Iran think that the US was killing its citizens.

What’s the Latest Development?

When an Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated last week, Iran’s leadership accused the US and Israel of organizing the plot. Despite US denials, Iran may have evidence of CIA involvement. How is that possible? Recently disclosed intelligence memos tell of how, during the Bush administration, Israel’s intelligence agency, called the Mossad, impersonated CIA officers when recruiting assassins to kill inside Iran. During the recruiting process, Mossad agents came to negotiations loaded with American dollars and US passports.

What’s the Big Idea?

The Mossad’s recruiting process was highly visible, say American intelligence officers, suggesting the intent was to wrangle the US into supporting a covert war against Iranan illegal war the Bush administration allegedly had no interest in. When government agents of one country impersonate another, it is called a false-flag operationa tool used for involving a foreign country in a dispute whether it wants to be or not. As a result of the Mossad’s brazen efforts, some high-level American officials have lost faith in their good intentions.

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