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High School, College, Career. Simple, Right? Not Any More.

Education executive Jeff Livingston  makes the case that our old higher-educational model is obsolete for our current reality.

It used to be so simple: Graduate high school, get into a decent university, graduate, and start cashing your paycheck. For more and more people though, that’s just a story about how things used to be. McGraw-Hill Education Executive Jeff Livingston says that — ironically — the only people who think it’s still true are those who’ve gone into Education. Unfortunately, they’re the ones setting education policy in the U.S.

If your family can even afford to send you off to college, it’s more like, high school, college, unemployment, and debt. For lots of people, college is just not in the cards at all. So where is someone supposed to pick up the necessary skills for a career, if not school?

Traditional views of education worked for a while, but no more — Livingston makes the case that it’s time for a new way of thinking about this. Isn’t education about being smart?


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