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Did that ad say tar sands are source of ‘clean oil’? Don’t believe it.

The dirtiest corporations in existence characterize themselves as ‘green’ and ‘environmentally friendly.’ Be Discerning! Young journalists and filmmakers force us to visually accept the reality of all the hype.

Corporations characterizing themselves as caring for the environment is a dangerous precedent . . . we are so easily hypnotized when we hear or see a trademark coupled with “we’re clean, we’re clean.” over and over again.

One of the worst is Shell. The damage to the Niger Delta is criminal, sinful, tragic and if there are worse adjectives they would fit here.

Small Planet Films has a great DVD on The Niger Delta, I highly recommend. The damage from oil drilling simply isn’t worth the thrill of thoughtlessly filling up a car with gas.

The DVD is titled “Delta -Oil’s Dirty Business”

And has an excellent documentary on oil from tar sands in Canada.

The film is titled “Downstream.”

Watch these films with a friend or neighbor who thinks oil is a fine way to get our energy!


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