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Ask the right questions to elevate motivation with author Dan Pink

Mastering the Art of Sales and Persuasion: Ask the Right Questions to Elevate Motivation with Dan Pink, Author, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
In this lesson, Dan Pink teaches the art of motivational interviewing. To start, you pose two rational questions to gauge interest and to probe reasoning into the stated interest. By doing this, you inspire the other person to rationalize their level of interest, which is key in discovering obstacles that will influence higher levels of motivation.

  • Elevate low motivation by asking questions: Gauge interest, and probe using follow ups.
  • Provoke others to form their own explanation for their motivation. Self-generated rationale is more powerful than third party convincing.
  • Uncover obstacles: What can be done to increase your motivation? Obstacles to extremely low motivation can only be addressed after they are identified.
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