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Personal Growth

What I Know is True

I wish women would consider other women (especially those much older or much younger than themselves) less as enemies and more as friends, deep vaults of knowledge, wisdom, and empathy. Because it’s the truth.

Let there be a female-only social network (down the line, a male-only network can also be spun out!) in which users remain anonymous in all respects except their age.

Users can upload life stories, quotes, and anecdotes along the theme of “What I Know is True”. Such submissions will be categorized through tags (relationships, motherhood, sex, faith, family, etc.) 

Users can submit, search, or do both. Regardless, they will be connected to an incalculably vast community through which experiences are shared, related, and appreciated.

This can become a hugely empowering portal. I believe that women should no longer consider their differences as antagonistic barriers. We are all daughters, mothers, sisters, cousins, and grandmothers of one another.


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