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This Week in Comments: January 21st—January 28th, 2018

Another exiting week of commentary. Some real winners this week. Did you make the cut? 

What Trump meant at Davos: “America first does not mean America alone.”

Sompob Pordi:It doesn’t matter what he said he mean or didn’t mean. Audience’s interpretation and understanding are all that matter.

And he knew he didn’t talk to the audiences in front of him. His intended audiences are ones at home whose votes are required for his 2nd term.

Politics is just like that. Very twisting, deceptive and most of the time disgusting.

Bill Gates is convinced that artificial intelligence will make our lives better and easier. Ummm…

Mark Garrity:Heard someone on the radio saying the AI revolution will be like the industrial revolution was at the turn of the 20th century. Keep in mind over 90% of ppl were farmers in 1900. Today less 3% of us in the US are today. In the first 3 decades of the 20th century there was tremendous social displacement caused in part by technology. He predicted until society sorts it all out there will be much the same over the next 30 years as we destroy jobs with robotics and AI but haven’t yet replaced them. The whole purpose of automation, AI, robotics etc is to replace humans in the workplace. The only problem with that is humans not only make the products humans buy them too. Put enough ppl out of work and how many customers are left? I guess that’s why we hear talk of a guaranteed income.

Why Men Cheat

Matthew Lazar: Wow. I thought this guy had some thought provoking perspectives, and then I come into the comments and everyone is dogging this dude. Why? To me, it makes sense what he’s saying. His stance doesn’t even sound religion-based, yet there are people here dismissing it because his background is religious. His religious beliefs may be idealistic (to many of us), but can he not be pragmatic on other matters? Seems like there are a lot of close-minded people here, or am I missing something?

Why the U.S. just fell off the list of top 10 most innovative countries

Richard Steven JonesThat’s because half the country refuses to evolve and instead likes to rely on old technology and practices, and will actually spend money to fight for them. Any industry that refuses to evolve deserves to go the way of the dinosaur.


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