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Peter Hopkins Sounds Off With Forbes

Big Think’s own founder and president Peter Hopkins gave Rahim Kanani at Forbes some face time in preparation for the 2012 Social Innovation Summit taking place next week at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. 

The two gabbed about everything from Big Think’s achievements to learning from failure. Check out the full Q&A here.

Hopkins offers a look back at some notable milestones in the four years since Big Think’s founding in 2008. He effectively tells a story of a start-up that evolved from the “YouTube of Ideas” to a full fledged knowledge forum that features video interviews with over 3,000 brilliant thinkers and contributions from top notch bloggers. Hopkins also described Big Think’s development of e-learning platforms and partnerships with outside groups and institutions. These efforts helped Big Think gain the attention of over two million unique viewers each month. 

It might seem like the story ends there, but Hopkins is just getting warmed up. He continues to look for new ways to help the public get smarter, faster. 

Our end-state looks like a hybrid media and technology company that delivers on the promise of helping you get smarter faster, and providing the analytics to prove we have accomplished that goal.”


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