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How to Sell Your Great Idea

If you’ve got an idea, you’ve got to know how to sell it. Here is a simple guide to presenting your vision to investors, customers and colleagues.

What’s the Latest Development?

If you think you’ve got a good business idea, you’ve got to know how to sell it. Approaching investors, customers and colleagues can be tricky so here are some tips: Appear credible by doing what you know. Investors are looking for someone with solid knowledge of their field, not a kooky visionary. Another tip: Adapt to your audience. “When you’re trying to sell somebody a new idea, you must persuade them that the idea confirms their own opinions, rather than proves them wrong,” says business author Seth Godin.

What’s the Big Idea?

If emotion is attached to your idea or product, it could go a long way. Investors, like everyone, will be more easily swayed if you think that your idea is going to change the world. If an investor does get on board, he or she may quickly express skepticism, so be ready to explain how your idea is different from the ones that came before it. Finally, create momentum by asking the right questions such as: ‘When do we start?’, ‘Does this make sense to you?’ and ‘Can we bring this to the other partners?’

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