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How to Make a Business a Great Place to Work

When Matthew Swyers started his Web-based law firm, he took note of how Google, Starbucks, Zappos and video game makers made their office a great place to work. Then he realized...

What’s the Latest Development?

When Matthew Swyers started his Web-based law firm, he made his office space worker-friendly like Google, gave everyone benefits like Starbucks, created a collaborative environment like video game makers and fostered a culture of dedication like Zappos. But in his pursuits, Swyers found that his own best intentions kept getting in the way. He found that the more he reacted to changes occurring in the office, the less freely his business evolved. That’s when he learned to sit back, relax and let his employees take the reigns. 

What’s the Big Idea?

Seeing the positive results created by standing back and trusting his employees, Swyers recalled four essential steps on his way to a happy and productive workplace: Know what kind of office you want to create, whether it is a dedicated one, an enjoyable place or a collaborative place; Spend a little extra time during the hiring process to bring people on board who share your vision for the future; Enable others to contribute to your positive vision with their own ideas; Finally, let go and let the business’ culture evolve organically.

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