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How to Land A Job That Hasn’t Been Advertised Yet

Many companies ramp up their hiring after September. Network early and often to get on hiring managers’ radars before they get going.

The post-Labor Day stretch is typically a busy one for hiring managers tasked with tapping new employees for the end of year. If you’re not already on your prospective employer’s radar by now, you’ve got some catching up to do. Karen Burns of The Seattle Times recently penned an article on how to break into “the hidden job market,” which she describes as the market for positions that haven’t yet been advertised. Many hiring managers will already have a shortlist of potential replacements once jobs openings materialize. Burns suggests a focused and prescient approach to marketing yourself in order to network your way onto that list. The keys to this approach are as follows:

1. Scout out the company you’d like to work for and keep yourself knowledgeable about their current affairs.

2. Arrange ways of meeting employees of said company. Burns recommends joining trade associations or attending conferences.

3. Explain your interest in potentially joining their company. Keep in touch. As Burns explains, you want to “be the person they think of first when they have a position to fill.”

Even if you hate traditional networking, there are alternative routes you can take to demonstrate your capabilities. The gist of Burns’ advice is those who take initiative and give themselves a head start inevitably reap the benefits later. Just as luck is the residue of design, achieving your goals is dependent on how you position yourself for success.

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