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Tom Crowl

Since obtaining a BA in Cultural Anthropology from San Jose State University Tom has: cleaned swimming pools, motion picture assistant property master a few years (Airplane and Mommie Dearest were the most fun), stock trader for a while, husband a decade (to a princess of the once-upon-a-time Italian monarchy no less!), divorced husband of same (no hard feelings), professional actor for a bit with a lucky eight year Honda ad campaign for Japan, professional artist, middle school teacher (lasted a year), designer and builder, Chagora's inventor and its evangelist.rnrnBut most of all, an observer, thinker and learner. I avoided locking in to a particular niche which has kept me outside of the box. Up till recently content with this more passive role in the world as a cultural observer and analyst I've had little interest in promoting observations and conclusions.rnrnHowever I feel an obligation to change that.rnrnChagora is about empowering all us folks out here without pedigrees and credentials. It’s about realizing that there’s a wealth of good ideas and solutions available to us if we broaden the avenues for finding and implementing those ideas. The very idea of a free market for goods is that even an idiot has enough sense to value those goods that are important to him. A free market in ideas requires a viable public square where meaningful lines of opinion and motivation are available to all!rnrnChagora is a Civilization Fundamenta