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Sarah Saxton-Frump

Sarah Saxton-Frump is the co-founder and chief operating officer of PelotonU, an organization committed to ensuring working adults can earn a college degree on time. Based in Austin, TX, their students are graduating at five times the rate of their peers and with little-to-no student loan debt. Saxton-Frump designed PelotonU’s college completion program and now runs their innovation lab, which both trains new organizations to launch their own hybrid colleges and also tests key hypotheses to expand access to new people - like parents, traveling athletes, and non-violent criminal offenders. Prior to PelotonU, she worked at KIPP Austin Collegiate as a high school teacher and principal. She holds a BA in Political Theory and Public Policy from Brown University and a M.Ed in Education Administration from National-Louis University, which she earned while working full time as an assistant principal.