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John Rose advocates for labor rights not for unions, but for all Americans. See our positions and sign the petition for increasing penalties for labor violations at:

1. Strengthen Federal Labor Law to protect Americans and law abiding companies.
2. Promote Voter Education and Election Reform.
3. Increase Employee Ownership and participation in the long term success of companies.

Legal Disclaimer: is not sponsored or endorsed by Agilent Technologies, Inc. is not related or affiliated in any manner with or Education Leadership Consultancy.

Note: Agilepeople was formed by an employee of Agilent Technologies prior to his resignation over issues related to the mass offshoring of high-tech American jobs and unethical management practices. Some of these practices were eventually ruled in violation of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRB case 20-CA-31918). The disclaimer above is at Agilent's request.

Agilepeople is unaffiliated with any national union, but generally supports the rights of all employees to join together for mutual benefit.